Veritas 3D Viewer

The Veritas 3D Viewer provides a 3D visualization capability of simulation events from DIS or SE Core’s VDIS network traffic. The 3D viewer can run as a stealth in a simulation or as an interactive test tool to facilitate development, integration, and test activities. The viewer supports multiple coordinate systems including MGRS, UTM, and Geodetic. Veritas displays the health status of entities and fixed features. The operator can pan, zoom, or teleport to any location in the terrain and tether to entities during exercise execution or recorded playback. The viewer displays direct and indirect fires lines color coded for blufor and opfor. Veritas is an OSB-based visualizer with an open extensible plug-in architecture.

  • View OpenFLT or OSG databases
  • Visualize OneSAF entities using DIS or SE Core’s VDIS
  • Capable of visualizing very complex dynamic environment effects, including weather conditions and dynamic terrain
  • Open Stealth supports development of complex functionality in collective training context
  • Integrated with SE Core terrain databases, CM2 visual models, and OneSAF
  • Runs on standard PC hardware
  • Runs on Windows and Linux


Veritas Model Viewer

The Veritas Model Viewer (VMV) is a 3D model visualization tool that runs on Windows. The VMV displays a variety of 3D models including static models such as buildings and trees, moving models such as ground and air vehicles, and life forms and animations. The Veritas Model Viewer allows the operator to rotate, zoom, and pan to view the models. Model states (healthy, mobility kill, fire power kill, etc) can be displayed along with model articulations and LODs. VMV displays the vertex and triangle counts for each model. In addition, textures, normals, normal maps, and wireframe view can be toggled on/off for the models.



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