M&S Tools


C-nergy is a test tool framework that provides a user-friendly environment for both manual inspection and automated testing of terrain databases. C-nergy runs on both Windows and Linux 32/64 bit processors. C-nergy allows developers to readily add new database formats, new tests, and to readily import or export test results for integration with other systems and toolsets. The tool supports inspection via two formats: side-by-side (with linked camera view) or overlaid mode (where one is wireframe) to allow differences in datasets to be visually apparent.

  • Supports side-by-side and overlaid viewing modes
  • Supports automated tests, such as finding misaligned intersections or identifying “wall of china” linears
  • Supports Format Independent Test Results (FITR), a data exchange format, which allows test and viewing tools to exchange test results. For example, test results from C-nergy can be viewed on the OneSAF PVD.
  • Includes the Moving Model Tester (MMT) to compare dimensions of visual models against OneSAF
  • Supports OpenFLT, OTF, and OneSAF obstacle avoidance databases

Mundus SDK

The Mundus SDK provides APIs and models to support development of modeling and simulation applications that require advanced dynamic synthetic natural environments. The SDK provides detailed information about subsurface soil properties and layers, providing terrain skin modifications anywhere on the terrain, providing resistance forces for soil / bucket intersections, modeling weather effects on the soil, and providing soil traction data. The SDK API was structured in such a way as to be reusable on any physics engine implementation or vehicle model. The SDK includes tools, sample code, supporting technical notes, and documentation to help application developers understand and use the services provided in Mundus. The installation comes with example source code, unit test source code, and Visual Studio 2010 precompiled libraries (release mode).

  • Provides soil property and layer information
  • API to query soil properties such as mass, bulk density, porosity, cohesion, degree of saturation
  • Models resistance forces (penetration and separation) between construction equipment (bucket or blade) and soil
  • Models soil erosion and displacement
  • Provides model for rain water accumulation
  • Supports Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Government Purpose Rights


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