Mobile Apps

Tactical Terrain Analysis

The Tactical Terrain Analysis (TTA) app is a decision aid for mission planning and tactical analysis. Operators can assess LOS from proposed friendly and enemy locations, run detailed “on foot” route planning, update geospatial data, assess plans, and even inspect building interiors all through a lightweight handheld device. When used for mission planning, TTA offers the capability for operators to create and load existing scenarios. TTA runs on very high resolution terrain data built from LIDAR sources and offers dynamic feature creation such as buildings or HESCO Barriers.

  • Reuse of multiple Government technologies such as LTF and Nett Warrior for the development of TTA
  • Capabilities support Android and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Xoom, ASUS, and Google Nexus tablets
  • TTA has been evaluated by the U.S. Military Academy for potential use in their SimCenter and Orienteering course work
  • Conducted TTA user experiments involving soldiers with in-theater experience for exercise planning and tactical execution
  • TTA is available for download from the Army’s MilGaming website for iOS and Android

TRACR Ultra Lite

Dignitas, collaboratively with Army’s PEO-STRI PM TRADE and RDECOM STTC, developed TRACR Ultra Lite (TÜL); an Android tablet based live training app which puts target control capabilities found in TRACR into the hands of the trainer. While using TÜL, the trainer can directly and efficiently control the trainee’s exercise, allowing for a tailored training environment without overloading the range tower operator. Along with lane based training, TÜL was also designed to meet the needs of maneuver range training and serve as a tool for site maintenance.

  • Control of targets: Conceal/expose, movement between home and end locations, set and view target properties
  • Display of full range content/state (lane, maneuver)
  • Scenario control/playback (start, pause, stop)
  • Supported on Android tablet devices running Honeycomb 3.2 or later
  • Map data stored locally to device (satellite view)
  • App supports locking and control of individual lanes.
  • App supports ability to shutdown entire range for safety

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