Intelligent Tutoring


GIFT is an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) that provides tutoring support for computer based instruction across a wide variety of information domains and instructional methodologies. GIFT is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based system that promotes extensibility and expansion. In addition, GIFT has been developed in a manner that separates the basic engine of the tutoring system from the representation of the knowledge to be trained. This allows GIFT to be easily adapted to provide assessment across a wide variety of knowledge and training technologies. GIFT’s flexible sensor and assessment approach allows intelligent tutoring across a wide range of training system modalities.

  • SOA decomposition supports extension and adaptability
  • Loose coupling allows new module implementations to incorporate new technology or strategies
  • Generalized approach for representing domain knowledge allows GIFT to train many topics by only changing the knowledge information
  • Sensor technologies easily added to assess both trainee performance and affective state
  • Adaptable training application gateway allows connection to many different types of trainee systems
  • Supports both macro and micro adaptation
  • Supporting authoring tool (AT) set: Sensor Configuration AT, Learner Configuration AT, Domain Knowledge File AT, and Course AT
  • Integrated Survey System (Survey Authoring, Quizzes, Performance Assessment, Biographical surveys, etc.)
  • Complete message logging permits post-experiment statistical analysis to support construction of new models

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