3D Model Catalog

Dignitas develops 3D visual models for image generators, stealth systems, and 3D visualization tools. The 3D models include terrain features, vehicles, weapons, and characters. The 3D models are provided in multiple exchange formats used in visual systems including OpenFlight, COLLADA, and FBX. The character models include a set of postures, animations, and health states. Dignitas employs a cost effective 3D model development process which begins with understanding customer and user requirements, the generation of models to the required level of fidelity, and testing the models in the target environment. Throughout the process the customer and users are encouraged to review the products to ensure the models will meet their needs. Our proven established procedures ensure that we develop quality models for our customer.

To see our catalog of 3D models, select the links below.


The 3D character catalog features models of both military personel (BLUFOR and OPFOR) and civilians. The character models include postures, animations, and health states. They also vary in age, ethnicity, and gender. The 3D models are in FBX format with postures and animations in the COLLADA format.

Weapons & Attachments

This catalog includes weapons and various attachments that can be "attached" to any valid 3D character model. The weapons include both BLUFOR and OPFOR, and range from handguns to shoulder launched weapons. The catalog also features different attachments, such as a mobile phone and a backpack, that can be attached to the character models. The weapons and attachments are in FBX format" to "are provided in the FBX data exchange format.


This catalog features a number of vehicles that can be used in different simulations and training systems. The military vehicles have damage states including mobility kill, firepower kill, and catastrophic kill. Some vehicle models include articulated parts such as doors, turrets, ramps, gates, etc. The vehicle models are provided in the FBX and COLLADA data exchange formats.


The Dignitas terrains range from geotypical locations, such as the rural and urban areas shown below, to geospecific locations. The terrains are provided in a number of runtime formats to support different visualization systems. Examples of terrains are provided below and can be correlated with SAF terrain formats for interoperability and training.


The objects catalog contains miscellaneous high fidelity models created to directly mimic the real life objects. These models come in FBX format.