Dignitas Technologies provides customized simulators to train your operators in a realistic and safe environment. We leverage our expertise and years of experience developing simulation training systems for the US Military, along with the US Military’s investment in training and simulation technology, to deliver cost effective training solutions that meet your training requirements. Our simulators range from simple desktop trainers to motion-based trainers with fully functional cabs. Our product line includes construction and railroad maintenance equipment trainers.


Dignitas develops low cost interactive courseware for a wide range of users ranging from academia, to the Department of Defense, and commercial users. The courseware runs on desktop and mobile devices and is customizable to meet your training requirements.

Intelligent Tutoring

Dignitas provides intelligent tutoring through the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT). GIFT is an empirically-based, service-oriented framework of tools, methods and standards to make it easier to author computer-based tutoring systems (CBTS), manage instruction and assess the effect of CBTS, components and methodologies.


Dignitas provides visualization products for the modeling and simulation industry including the Veritas 2D/3D Viewer and the Veritas Model Viewer (VMV). The Veritas 2D / 3D Viewer provides visualization of simulation events. The viewer runs on Windows or Linux and has been integrated with Army modeling and simulation common components such as OneSAF, SE Core models, and DIS/V-DIS and CTIA protocols. The Veritas Model Viewer (VMV) provide capability to view static 3D models such as buildings, vegetation, moving models such as vehicles and obstacles, and 3D life form models and animations. The viewer supports OpenFlight, COLLADA, and FBX formats.

Synthetic Natural Environments (SNE)

Dignitas Technologies provides products for advanced Synthetic Natural Environments (SNE) models. C-nergy is a correlation tool suite that provides interactive and automated testing of multiple terrain formats. The Mundus (Latin for world) SDK is a software development kit that provides advanced dynamic terrain and soil models, physics-based interactions with environment, and weather effects including rain accumulation and traction models.

Mobile Apps

Dignitas develops mobile applications for the US Army. The mobile applications include the Tactical Terrain Analysis (TTA) and the TRACR Ultra Lite (TUL). The TTA provides ground routing for small unit mission planning and Situational Awareness Line of Sight (LOS). TUL provides live range target control and scenario control/playback including start, pause, and play.