Dignitas Joins F-35 Program in a Key Support Role

Dignitas Technologies is proud to have been selected by Lockheed Martin Rotary Mission Systems (LM RMS) to support the F-35 program on database production and Training Management System (TMS) efforts. As an industry leader in modeling & simulation in general, and geospatial database processing in particular, Dignitas is well positioned to partner with Lockheed Martin on these activities. Dignitas’ F-35 TMS work includes software development and systems engineering and data analysis on TMS Version 1 and also software development on Version 2, while our F-35 database work involves 3D modeling, GIS, and database engineering along the entire database production pipeline. Dignitas supports LM RMS on other efforts such as JLCCTC, Eadge-T and CCTT Concurrency, making Lockheed Martin one of our key customers.

Dignitas Technologies, LLC, a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business, founded in 2004, is providing system and software engineering services for the modeling and simulation community with a mission to shape the future of simulation with innovative technology. Dignitas leads several Small Business Innovation Research projects and supports a wide range of large and small programs spanning the Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains across a diverse customer set. Dignitas has extensive experience and successful past performance in the development of key simulation systems and provides expertise in management, research, engineering, and programming

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