System and Software Development

Dignitas’ greatest strength is our technical expertise in systems and software development. Our full-time staff has practical, hands-on experience performing systems analysis and design as well as software development. We have experience that ranges from large complex DoD training systems down to focused research and development efforts. This means we have routinely worked in CMMI Level 5 and ISO 9000 family programs and understand process and how to tailor it appropriately. We have extensive experience across operating systems, programming languages, and applications. Right now, Dignitas is support a variety of simulation and training programs with our special understanding of technologies across the LVC domains. If you have complex software needs, especially in the Modeling & Simulation domain, Dignitas can help.

Live, Virtual, and Constructive Systems Analysis and Research

Our senior team has a wide range of experience in the industry and offers unprecedented understanding across the Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains. One look at our customers and the programs we have worked will show our diverse knowledge in LVC. In some cases, Dignitas employees were thought leaders in key areas for some of the major Army training programs such as CCTT, OneSAF, SE Core, and HITS. We have supported systems and architecture design and development on key Army training systems with a focus on entity level virtual reality systems. Dignitas’ combination of small company flexibility and wide experience base make us ideally suited to small- to mid-sized research tasks that require complex skill sets.

Computer Generated Forces

Dignitas’ has a broad experience base with Computer Generation Forces (CGF) and Semi-Automated Forces (SAF). We have extensive experience with OneSAF, CCTT SAF, and OTBSAF. Dignitas has significant CGF experience in system architectures, behaviors, physical modeling. C4I adapter, GUIs, map displays, simulation management, and interoperability (DIS and HLA). Dignitas has worked or is working efforts related to OneSAF live-constructive integration, behaviors development, dynamic terrain, and integration of OneSAF into CCTT and AVCATT.Various Dignitas personnel have, in the past, held roles as Chief Scientist, functional lead, and technical lead for CCTT SAF as well as Deputy Program Manager, System Architect, Software Architect, and team lead for OneSAF. Also, Dignitas personnel have worked key roles in the analysis of CGF technologies helping to establish the approach for the OneSAF Testbed Baseline (OTBSAF), agile development methodology for OneSAF, and OneSAF implementation research.

Database Generation

Dignitas Technologies offers broad industry experience with terrain database formats, database generation, and correlation across representations. We can offer a holistic view of database generation activities because our experience reaches well beyond knowledge of source data, tools, and processes. We also understand major programs and system components. In most cases we directly can address your database generation and conversion needs. For the more difficult cases, we know who has key technology and we can help with the system engineering that can be applied to create a solution. Dignitas personnel were previously leads for the initial development of CCTT’s terrain services and played a senior role in ERC development. Dignitas played a critical role in the effort to integrate OneSAF’s ERC into CCTT and AVCATT. Dignitas currently is involved in OneSAF integration into live applications, as well as playing a key role in DVED efforts to build virtual terrain databases. Dignitas has extensive experience with database generation processes and toolsets, such as TerraVista.

Mobile Device Development

Dignitas has a broad experience base relative to mobile programming. Our work has included the development of rich client side applications as well as thin-client web services interfaces. In all cases, our mobile development has been substantial providing complex capabilities beyond the normal simple web services or document readers of many mobile development organizations. We develop solutions for complex and compelling mobile applications. We are familiar with many different mobile platforms and operating systems. We are experienced in the development of product line architectures and the implications of the DoD’s Common Operating Environment (COE) and the Army’s enterprise efforts related to mobile devices.

Live Applications

Dignitas’ live experience includes work on Common Training Instrumentation Architecture (CTIA), Instrumented Ranges / Digital Range Training Systems (IR/DRTS), Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS), Marine Corps Instrumentation Training System (MC-ITS), Exportable Training Capability – Instrumentation System (ETC-IS), Live, Virtual, Constructive – Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA) and is an established member of the LT2 community. Dignitas personnel also supported OneTESS development and SBIR research on compact terrain formats suitable for applications such as geo-pairing.

Intelligent Tutoring

Dignitas is currently the prime developer for the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) project. GIFT is an empirically-based, service-oriented framework of tools, methods and standards to make it easier to author computer-based tutoring systems (CBTS), manage instruction and assess the effect of CBTS, components and methodologies. GIFT is being developed under the Adaptive Tutoring Research Science & Technology project at the Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Environments (LITE) Laboratory, part of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory – Human Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED). Dignitas provides system engineering and software development support for the LITE Lab on the GIFT program. Dignitas also provides product support on the GIFT portal at

Medical Simulation

Dignitas is the prime for the Out of OR Airway Management (OOORAM) Portable Audio Visual Systems (PAVSs) effort for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Simulation Learning, Education and Research Network (SimLEARN) program. This effort provides portable audio visual systems recording systems to be installed at VHA medical centers around the country. PAVS augments existing medical training by providing a mechanism to record simulated medical procedures for these facilities to provide immediate feedback on training clinical teams and procedures, as well as management of trainee’s progress through learning activities. Dignitas has teamed with CAE Healthcare to license its LearningSpace audiovisual and center management system.