Company Name

So what’s up with that “Dignitas” word, you ask? First, the pronunciation isn’t easy.  We pronounce it like “dignity” except the ending “tee” sound is replaced by “toss.”  Second, if you Google us, you’ll find a few other organizations with similar names.  For example Team Dignitas is a gaming clan from the U.K.  However, Dignitas Technologies’ name stems from the founder’s interest in Roman history (plus a few more mundane and commonplace names were considered but…for good or bad…were already taken in the Florida Corporation registration database!).

Dignitas” is an ancient Latin word that doesn’t translate well into modern American society. The concept was prominent in Ancient Rome, especially the late Republic. Basically, dignitas could be thought of as “respect based upon accomplishments or ability.” It isn’t quite the same as being “famous” in our society, because that implies a certain notoriety that can be achieved through many means, not all of them based upon abilities or accomplishments. Also, dignitas in ancient Rome was related to past and future generations…that is, your ancestors contributed (or detracted!) from your dignitas, and future generations relied on you to support or advance thedignitas of your gens (family or clan).  Prominent Roman individuals worked to build up a set of qualities, of which dignitas was only one, including auctoritas, gravitas, and pietas.

Anyone who has actually read this far may be up for a reference to Wikipedia.  For those who find history too dry to read (say it ain’t so!), you could try Colleen McCullough’s “The First Man in Rome” series, which provides a view of the late Republic as fictional history.

The founder picked “Dignitas” mostly because of a personal interest in ancient history, but also because the concept maps to the way we approach our projects. Basically, we build relationships with customers by performing well for them. We get most business not through classic “marketing” means, but rather based upon real-world performance and results.